From NZJSM 2019 Vol 46-1

Guest Editorial;  “Too serious, too soon?  A complex issue but there are some easy-to-remember messages we can give parents”  S Walters

Read the full article here:  NZ Journal of Sports Medicine 2019; Vol 46-1, 3-5


From NZJSM 2018, Vol 45-2

Editorial;  The movement story of many Kiwi kids – not so happy ever after?  C Whatman

NZ Journal of Sports Medicine 2018; Vol 45-2, 43-44

Commentary;  Sports-related concussion, mild traumatic brain injury or sport-originated brain injury (SOBI): A more useful term – P A Hume, D King, J McGeown, A Theadom

NZ Journal of Sports Medicine 2018; Vol 45-2, 64-67



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Bay of Plenty Branch first presentation of 2019

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Auckland Branch Clinical Pearls Evening 2019

Bruce Hamilton

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