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Welcome to the Auckland Branch of Sports Medicine New Zealand

The role of  the Auckland Branch of Sports Medicine New Zealand (SMNZ) is to provide opportunities for our members to continue their professional development in the sports medicine field, to provide networking opportunities for their members and to recruit new members for SMNZ.  We also provide an annual grant for a member from the Auckland branch to speak to at the SMNZ national conference, and a second grant for research in the SMNZ field.

We aim to provide at least 3 opportunities for Auckland members throughout the year to attain points and network with other sports medicine professionals, hold our AGM in December and run student recruitment days at the beginning of the first semester.



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Auckland Branch

  • President: Justin Lopes – Physio
  • Treasurer: Trevor Montgomery – Physio/Lecturer
  • Secretary: Mel Ramsay – Physio
  • Marketing: Craig Neale – Physio, Marc Southgate – Physio (social media),
  • Event co- ordination: Dr Mark Fulcher – Sports Doctor
  • Grants commitee: Paul Wharam: Sports Doctor, Kelly Sheerin- Physio, Toni Bradshaw – Physio
  • Alysha Blackwell – Physio
  • Pam Finn – Physio
  • Justin Chong – podiatrist
  • Brayden Vissor – Physio
  • Jay Lee – Physio Student Rep

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